Foggy to sunny

We went snowboarding this morning and at times it was really thick fog we had a few runs and then decided we can go home. It was warm so the snow was sluggish and really held you back making turns quite a challenge plus the bad fog.

Later on the sun came out and my bees were flying about, I noticed our crocuses have opened and the bees  found them already. Amazing to watch the bees again.

Later on, in the afternoon I could not stay at home so we went for a walk, it was just amazing, the clouds and the sun, there was peace in the air, we had a good walk. Unfortunately Mike stayed at home he is re doing Milan’s website and has to work on it. He is very disciplined, thank goodness.

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The new assistant

We have got ourselves not just a dog but an assistant we need to do some maintenance work in the garden as after this winter soil/ground has moved some of our support walls back and we need to move them back, Mike already adjusted some of our steps that got moved back and soil got washed away or crumbled due to the cold and then just fell away from under it so he dug some of the rocks/steps out and re-built them. He already told me Meddy was helping him as I was out then and did not see it. Later when I got back we went back out and dug a trench which is holding a section of our veg garden and got pushed a bit and Meddy decided she would help. See for yourselves.

During our morning walk we take Ares, they are getting on really well. So reminds me of Roxy and him. She gets him to play with her every now and again, considering he is 9 years old he really does not do that bad for his age.

Last is a picture of the sheep resting, towards the end of the day, Ewe-Ewe is under the hay feeder so she can continue munching and the rest is just chilling out, they are doing really well. Doctor Peter came today and castrated the males (Tom and Dick) ,Daisy  and the boys got a shot of minerals, the ewes were de wormed so all is well. We tried to join the ewe’s pens but Willow was so badly behaved that we worried she will hurt or kill one of the lambs so we put the wall back in. Willow is proving to be too stressed even after a year of coaxing and being nice and sociable she does not seem to be able to break away from it.

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Another great day,

we went boarding today on Ostiepkova Mulda and took Mike’s new camera, keep an eye out for new pictures on his blog I only took pictures with my phone. It was a nice day, sunny and cloudy, cold wind, the slope was harder then the other day, it was lovely to be out and about. We left Meddy at home as we only  went out for a couple of hours and we were not walking anywhere just using the lift. When we went out yesterday you could hardly see in front of your nose the fog was so bad, needless to say we had one run and went back hope much to Meddy’s pleassure.

Lambs are doing great, Ewe-Ewe is really good mother, they are learning about eating hay already. Willow is getting a little bit better on her own, but will be joining them up soon anyway so they get used to each other, Willow gets really stressed once somebody is inside “her” pen, I am starting to think she is not in lamb, not sure how the lamb would cope with such a stressed mother.

  Last picture is from a cake mix, After dinner chocolate and hazelnut cake and I loved the marbling. Oh by the way, the cake is lovely, meanly chocolaty but lovely.

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We went on an adventure today, ………..

we drove up the cabin to Chleb, from then on we went to Krivan, picture on top with Mike, that is our highest peak at 1607 m, after that, Mike boarded down on its shoulder and we went towards Maly Krivan, I wanted to go into an area which would not be too steep so not to get her to chase, I believe we achieved it, we went to a mountain called Bublen where we turned around and traversed bellow it, the second and last picture, made it to the top of Snilovske Sedlo where we located Mike on Chleb, took a picture with my phone but Mike was just a little dot, went for a little bit towards him then slid down and continuted back again to Snilovske Sedlo, agreed to meet at the top station so just zigzaged towards it. Had a break, exchanged stories and went home. We had a brilliant day, it was lovely and warm if you found a spot where the wind did not blow. Meddy had a good time, trying to teach her about keeping back and not doing anything stupid around skis or board, so far so good, chased my ring on the sticks but otherwise pretty good really, we spent the afternoon in the garden, put the bonsai trees on the patio as the temperature in the greenhouse was a bit to high for them, Meddy did not rest during the day, but once she had her dinner she is totally crashed out.

The sheep, really good, Ewe-Ewe is doing really well, the lambs are pretty good as well looking well. Willow sort of settling in on her own, has a big problem when we go into her pen but calmes pretty quickly, Meddy went to see her today, she was ok till the last minute when she pushed her out.

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Ewe-Ewe and her new lambs for 2017

Ewe-Ewe has been looking a bit heavy and uncomfortable the last two days, there was no news at lunch time or at 4pm, when I came to feed them this evening though they were already barring, which was strange, when I opened the door there were lambs to welcome me.  Willow was a bit scared and confused so I took her and put her into an empty pen and left Ewe-Ewe and her 3 lambs on their own to do a bit of bonding, this is the first time she had triplets, she has 2 boys and a girl, they were a bit slow to drink but she is a really good mother, she does not allow them to rest and keeps pawing them for up and get a drink she seems to be carefull how much she gives each lamb to drink. I stripped her teats to get them flowing and when I came later and watch them each lamb had a drink, she has also dropped the afterbirth and placenta which I got rid off.

I am not going to intervene, I don’t really want to Ewe-Ewe is a good ewe, and a good mother, I will give her more food and let her get on with it, she is doing a really good job and they are alwasy better when they are left on their own, they make better lambs. I will let nature take its turn.

Willow and Meddy are very friendly so we shall see what they are like later once they are out, except of course Meddy is going to have to learn about the electric fence.


Going to check on them in a bit for the last time tonight just to make sure all is well both ewes are settled for the night, lambs are well, nice and warm, have full tummies. Willow is not in panic station for being on her own. mind you her tummy has got rather bigger except her udder is still empty, I do think she is lamb, lets keep fingers crossed these three little chaps will be all right. Will keep you posted.

Had sunshine today and bees were flying, hazel has started to flower and so has some pussy willow. Hope they will be ok.


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Pictures of Meddy, so far….

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Say Hello to Meddy !

Meddy is our new dog, after two years we have decided that it is time for another one, I have looked on rescue sites for the last few weeks or so and could not really settle on anything plus with us being busy during winter I really did not want to pick up a little puppy and then leave it at home. I waited till a/ had more time, b/found a dog that we both liked. I found Meddy and liked the sound of her, she was being looked after by a foster parent – Radka, who has 2 more dogs, she has been with her since she was 2,5 months old and when we got her she is around 6-7 months, they are not sure as there is no DOB.  She is a Border Collie cross with a Spaniel of sorts and or …. She is very well behaved, after 3 days she is already picking up English comands, she is bubbly, confident, happy, friendly little puppy. We spent the first 3 days getting her used to us and our enviroment, meeting the cats (interesting but I see light and friendship one day soon), chickens, sheep (scaaary), my parents, friends, etc, we took her for a short walk in the mountains yesterday, walked across a dry river, jumping between the rocks didnot seem to cause any problems.

I am sure there will be many more post dedicated to our new friend, we both feel complete again. Mike took some nice pictures yesterday and the day before till you can see them here are just a few from my phone.



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Bees out and about

was warm over the last couple of days, with a bit of sunshine here and there, a few bees have been seen outside, cleaning up, resting on the hive before getting back in, I lifted the hive it felt relatively heavy and if the weather stays warm the empty hive that is next to it has stores so I think if they were short they would go and pick stores from there. I lifted the roof they looked pretty good.  We had snow today but right now it is raining, we are getting cold nights but most of the time we are suppose to be getting plus temperatures during the day.

some photos from the other day.

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Bees were out,

we had about 10 days of blue skies and sunshine also + temperatures during the day. Although I did not see them myself but Mike managed to get some photos of my bees, going out, clearing out dead bees and even investigating him while he was around the hive.

Fingers crossed my only hive will be good this year and pul through the winter, we are back to cloudy weather, although it is not that cold during the day we are still getting – temperatures during the night and either rain or snow is forecast from tomorrow for the next 4 days or so.

will post a picture once I get one also if there is any further news I will keep you posted. So pleased my bees are ok.

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We went skiing, hurray!

I can not remember going skiing this early in the season for a long time. Vratna has officialy opened its gates to skiiers and snowboarders alike as well as all the other snow enthusiast. We are one of them and were there at the opening, it was a lovely feeling and somehow squashed the in between time from March to December and suddendly here we are again. The slope was very nice at the very top but the lower section was crumbly, Mike said it was like boarding on ruff sea, another friend said it was more like skiing on nut shells. But we were all just happy and content at least I have not seen anyone with an injury which is a main thing. It is warmer today, got home about lunch time and it actually rained a bit but froze instantly not that brilliant but that has to be as well. We both felt great and had great big smiles on our faces today, Mike looked very happy, he is lovely and a pleasure to be with. I am very lucky to have him really.

After this weekend we are back to -10 or so they seem to think  which would be much better, fingers crossed.

I sheared the sheep yesterday, you know we listened to the farmers program on BBC 4 yesterday and they were talking about shearing the fleeces of sheep or not as the case may be, but the chap said it takes 8 to 10 year to learn how to handle the sheep that you are shearing, me with our two ewes I am guessing it will be at least double the time, yesterday I really struggled trying to manouvre the older ewe, trying to pull her was a reasonable challenge, we settled for a second best unfortunately but I do try and make it as comfortable as I possibly can for them, they do let you know when they are not comfortable anyway and you don’t get very far with the shearing so a comfortable sheep is a  happy sheep a happy sheep is a calm sheep and allows you to shear it. It works both ways. I don’t go as close to their skin this time of the year either I mainly try and shorten their fleece and cut closer on their tummy and round their teats so when they have lambs they don’t have to search for them or suck on the dirty woolI don’t like to do it close to them lambing. They look great. Well I think so.

Bees seems to be pretty well settled, I try and keep an eye on them make sure they have air going in, are able to fly out if they want to and with the top viewer open they can. I try not to go around them too much, disturb them. Fingers crossed and toes crossed and everything else crossed I will have a colony by the end of this winter season. I really realy hope so. But if I don’t there is nothing I can do about it. I will fight on, clean up and start again.

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